The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For 16 years I set up and ran several pilot programs to determine how to convert prisons into rehabilitation facilities. Conventional prison don’t work as evidenced by a high percentage of the people who go to prison and are released return to a life of crime. Many of these but not all return to a prison.

The reason I did this was because in depth studies including not only the direct costs of prisons, courts and police but also indirect costs of lost productivity, medical care for those injured, insurance, security, etc. have shown the actual cost of crime in the US just this last year to be $3.2 Trillion. This figure is greater than the entire cost of healthcare in the US as well as the GDP of Germany, the fifth most productive country in the world.  This tells us the current system is a failure and completely unsustainable. California which houses more inmates than any other state proves this. They are now forced to turn lose inmates early due to prison overcrowding and their own evaluations show their attempts at rehabilitation of the inmates to be a complete failure at a very high cost.

The pilots were successful. Some more so than others but now it is known. This blog will not deal with how to do this but some of what was done in order to start, run and end the pilots. There was a lot to getting this done and funded in government institutions, with corruption all around, drugs, hired killers and vested interest that wanted nothing to change.

This blog is to let friends know and get your feedback.  This is the part of the untold story.



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